In 2022, the Battle of the Books Grand Traverse piloted a new format called the Faire Division and also held its Team Battles under a division called the Tournament Division. We welcomed 48 teams in the Tournament Division and nine teams in the Faire Division with over 300 readers participating.

Of the eight book titles, popular choices among the readers were Edge of Extinction: The Ark Plan, The Disaster Days, Stargazing, and Music for Tigers.

Jack Cheng, author of See You in the Cosmos, presented stories and images that influenced his book and life -- including the inspiration for the dog named Carl Sagan.


Winning Team: Readers of the Wild

  • Savannah Allard
  • Mackey Hartley
  • Autumn Terhune
  • Saige Jerdee
  • Willa Cassell
  • Garrett Mekkes

Head Coach: Deana Jerdee and Assistant Coach Andrea Cassell

Runner-Up: Team Knight Readers

    • Nathan Burpee
    • Carissa Rokos
    • Leo Schmitz
    • Addison Bloye
    • Calvin Gareiss
    • Holland Reinhardt

    Head Coach: Justine Gareiss

    Team Awards

    • Most Creative Team Name ~ DoReados (Faire Division) and The Book Banned-Its (Tournament Division)
    • Best Poster and Slogan ~ Book Dragons “Set your mind on fire with a good book” (Faire Division) and Talons of Power "Clawing our way to victory" (Tournament Division)
    • Best Sportsmanship ~ Reading Rascals Return
    • Team Spirit ~ Nacho Ordinary Readers (Faire Division) and Books by the Bay (Tournament Division)
    • Knowledge Quest Winners ~ Chapter Champions and Reading Rocketeers



Special thanks to Hagerty, Leadstar, eFulfillment Service, Sera & Richard Thompson, Anne & Robert Tucker, Hazelnut Kids, and Traverse Area District Library.