In 2023, the Battle of the Books Grand Traverse made several changes to the program -- adding new activities and moving the Tournament event to Traverse City West Senior High. We welcomed 64 teams with over 300 readers participating.

Of the eight book titles, popular choices among the readers were Scouts, Other Words for Home, Long Lost, and Allergic.

Jasmine Warga, author of Other Words for Home, observed some of the competition and shared details about her book at the Tournament Finale.


Champion Team: Nacho Ordinary Readers Reheated

  • Siella Steele
  • Peyton Ashworth
  • Allie Seymour
  • Finnley Nolan
  • Madelynn Langhorst
  • Lilly Tvardek

Head Coach Shelly Seymour and Assistant Coach Kara Ashworth

Amphitheatre Top Team: Girls in the Hood

    • Grayson Smith
    • Dylan Avarali
    • Emerson Dickinson
    • Gillian Gallagher
    • Sophia Smit

    Head Coach Libby Smith and Assistant Coach Beth Avarali

    Lightning Trials Top Team: The Mighty Toasters