Lightning Trials FAQ

Given that Lightning Trials is revamped for 2024, we have created this page to respond to any questions from coaches as they arise. Please email Rose Zivkovich, Competition Coordinator, with your questions, and we will get them answered here as soon as possible.

Do kids turn in the Extra Life Tokens to the judge?

No. Each team will have a small basket in front of the mat to turn in the tokens.


Do teams get two Extra Life Tokens per round or for all of the trials?

Teams start each Lightning Trial with their two Extra Life tokens in hand. They are to be used within that trial. Even if teams use one or both tokens during one trial, they re-set (take back) those tokens at the start of the next one.


Does the team need to give the author with the answer?

We will not be asking for book authors during the Lightning Trials.


Will judges decide an answer is incorrect if it is spelled wrong?

Judges will not require perfect spelling but will not accept incomplete or inaccurate answers. Imagine that the correct answer to a question is "Cherry Knoll." The judge would accept Cherry Noll or Cherry Nole but would not accept Cherryland or just Cherry.


Can you provide examples of Lightning Trial themes, and if the themed questions are from one book or multiple books?

The questions can come from any of the books if they pertain to the theme.  Example themes (not based on this year's books) might be: Pets, Animals, Space, School, Heroes, Mysteries, Food, etc.