Sample Team Battle Questions

Where do the questions used in the Team Battles come from?

Teams often want to know: What kinds of questions are asked during the Team Battles? How do you come up with the questions?

The librarians and experts on the Book Committee create the questions.

The questions asked have factual, objective answers so that the judges can clearly determine if responses are correct or incorrect. Teams will not be asked "why" questions. Teams will not be asked about the theme or themes of a book. The team captain should state the author's last name and then the answer to the question.

Sample Questions

In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, what is the name of Harry’s owl?
Answer: Rowling; Hedwig

How often did Stanley promise to write home to his mother in Holes?
Answer: Sachar; Once a week / weekly

In Hatchet, what medical situation caused the pilot's death?
Answer: Paulsen; Heart attack

In Diary of a Wimpy Kid, what are the names of Greg's brothers?
Answer: Kinney; Rodrick and Manny

In Music for Tigers, Louisa learns about a medical condition called ASD. What do the letters in A-S-D stand for?
Answer: Kadarusman; Autism spectrum disorder

Name the zoo where Benjamin the Tasmanian tiger was kept and later died.
Answer: Kadarusman; Hobart Zoo

In Music for Tigers, Colin has a rating on TripAdvisor for his bush walks. How many stars is his rating?
Answer: Kadarusman; Five stars

What restaurant becomes Alex's new favorite in See You In The Cosmos?
Answer: Cheng; Johnny Rockets

In See You in The Cosmos, how much money is Steve charging for each can of LOX at SHARF?
Answer: Cheng; Two dollars

Fill in the punch line on this astronomy joke from See You in The Cosmos: Moon rocks taste better than earth rocks because they are a little _____________ [blank].
Answer: Cheng; Meteor