Team Awards

In addition to awards earned through our four competitive events, teams are eligible for four team awards that are announced at the Tournament finale. Each award and its applicable rules are described below.

Most Creative Team Name

Teams may choose their own team name, and creativity is encouraged. Teams that competed the year prior may use their team name again. If a chosen team name is already taken, teams will be contacted to choose a different name.


Rules for Team Names

Team names must be 35 characters or less, including spaces, and may not include school, school mascot, organizations, or club names.

Names must be "G rated" and not offensive in any way.

Team names may not contain the name of any of the books or authors or significant book content.


Best Coat of Arms & Team Slogan

Teams may design a Coat of Arms to represent their team and their slogan. Your Coat of Arms will be created on your own time during team meetings. The Coats of Arms will be carried by the teams and displayed at all events on Tournament Day.

Tips & Rules for Coat of Arms

Be creative! Allow your team's personality to shine.

The Coat of Arms should include the team name and the team slogan.

Poster board and a wide variety of materials are provided for you at Book Handout.

Your Coat of Arms needs to be created on the poster board provided to you.

Additional materials of your own choosing may be used to design your Coat of Arms.

Please refrain from using glitter, glitter glue, and feathers.

Team members should do most of the work although coaches are allowed to assist.

References to titles/authors used in Battle of the Books may not be included.

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Best Team Spirit

Throughout the Tournament, teams are evaluated by the judges on their team spirit to determine a winner. Team spirit can be exemplified through a variety of ways including team enthusiasm, camaraderie, cooperation, and costume. Costumes are optional but may be worn on Tournament Day.

Tips and Rules for Costumes

Cosplay style costumes are recommended, and team are encouraged to use items they already have on hand.

Attire may not be distracting or disruptive and should be easy to move around in and be comfortable when seated.

Costumes may not cover team members faces, and masks may not be worn.

Props and hats or headbands are acceptable. Heavy costumes are not encouraged as competition rooms may be warm.

Costumes may not contain any titles of the books, author names, or significant book content.

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Best Sportsmanship

Throughout Tournament Day, teams are evaluated by the judges on their sportsmanship to determine a winner. Team sportsmanship can be exemplified through a variety of ways, including positive attitude, friendly and empathetic interactions with others, and exemplary behavior.