Coaching Resources & Tools


Resources for Battle of the Books coaches include our Coaches Orientation meeting, regular Battle Report emails* during battle season, and specific web pages on Getting Started as a Coach, Tips for Team Coaches, and Team Meeting Ideas. Some coaches also may benefit from using organizational tools such as those below.

Organizational Tools

Several spreadsheets have been developed to support common tasks for Battle of the Books coaches. Feel free to download, use, and adapt them as you wish.


All Coaching Tools:

Microsoft Excel

Google Sheets


PDF versions by tool name:

Team Member Info

Team Member Availability

Team Meeting Plan

Book Rotation Tracking

Book Facts (Complete 1 Per Book)

Book Questions (Complete 1 Per Book)

Board Game Planning

* If you are not receiving the Battle Report emails, please contact Tara Donahue.

If you have additional questions about coaching, contact Rachel Lake.