Tournament Tips for Coaches

Before Tournament Day Begins

  • Remind team member families of arrival time, location, and what to bring.
  • Team members, coaches, and team helpers should bring a packed lunch, snacks, water bottle, and a backpack to carry those items.
  • Remind families that they are invited to join us for the Author Presentation, Games Arena, and Team Celebration & Awards.  Families may arrive any time after 1:15 PM. If they are just doing pickup, they should arrive around 4:00 PM.

On Tournament Day

  • Arrive with your team between 8:30 - 8:55 am. Head Coaches should check-in at the Team Check-in table to receive your schedule. Once you have your packet, proceed to the bleachers in the Large Gym.
  • Teams should bring their Game and Coat of Arms and may wear team costumes.
  • Coaches should wear their Battle of the Books coach tees.
  • Teams may have their Head Coach, Assistant Coach, and up to 4 registered Team Helpers join them for the day's events.  
  • Take a moment to “huddle” with your team: calm nerves, take a few photos, and give a pep talk.

During Team Battles

  • Check your team’s schedule to locate the specific Battle Rooms for your team.
  • Place your Coat of Arms on one of the easels outside the door.
  • Once the coin toss determines "Team A," help your team get settled at the table with team placard.
  • Take a seat in a classroom chair behind the judges.
  • Please model positive behavior during Team Battles and keep a smile on your face.
  • Guide your team to the next room for the second battle.
  • Between battles, take a moment with your team to diffuse any issues from the previous battle and focus on a clean slate for the next one. Losing a battle does not mean your team is out of contention.

During Lightning Trials

  • Upon entering the Large Gym, guide your team to any yoga mat and place the team placard on the floor.
  • Coaches may stand with the team for the two practice questions but then should take a seat in the bleachers.

During Amphitheatre 

  • Guide your team to the library. If you see your team's assigned number, take a seat at that table and put out your team placard. If not, take a seat at a table with no number sign present and await further instructions.
  • While coaches can brainstorm and give feedback during work and practice time, team members should be doing the work in this event (drawing or writing a scene to act out). 

During Games Arena

  • Guide your team to the Commons / Cafeteria to the table with your assigned number and put out your team placard.
  • Coaches may sit with their team during the competitions and may play the game with their teams if they have less than 6 team members.

Rule Reminders for All Events

  • Coaches and team helpers may not communicate in any way to team members during the competitions. Please watch body language, such as head nodding, that could appear as if you are giving or approving answers to your team.
  • Questions, concerns or compliments need to be communicated to the BOTB committee through Feedback Forms in the team packet--not to the judges or volunteers in the room. Coaches and team helpers may not talk to the timer, scorekeeper, or judge during the judging.
  • Feedback forms can be turned in to Team Check-in table which is staffed all day.
  • All participants, coaches, and team helpers are not to discuss questions in between events. A team will be disqualified if they (or anyone affiliated with them) are found to be sharing information from events with other teams, gathering information to benefit their team, or any similar activity.
  • Shhh!!! Teams in common areas and in your lunch break may not yet have participated in the same events that your team has completed.

At the Conclusion of Tournament

  • Meet up with familes and find a place to sit with your team in the Large Gym for our Team Celebration & Awards.
  • After the awards, your team members can munch on a book cookie, talk with Chris Grabenstein, have their book or program signed by him, or purchase the next book in the series. Horizon Books will be on site to keep the reading going.
  • Take a moment to "huddle" as a team: Recap the positive moments from the day and from your team's whole journey, take some photos, and shout your slogan one last time. 
  • Consider hosting a celebration for your team after Tournament Day.  Grab a bite to eat, host a potluck, go out for ice cream or plan a group activity.