Special Guest, Tui Sutherland!

Tui Sutherland will award the championship trophy to the winning Battle of the Books team. She’ll then take the stage to talk about all the books she’s written and how you can too!

Tui is part of the Erin Hunter team of writers that worked on the bestselling Warriors and Seekers books. (We know, confusing, but Erin Hunter isn’t actually a person, but a group of amazing writers). Tui also authored the Wings of Fire and Avatar series, along with the Menagerie (with her sister), including a book that’s included upcoming battle. Participating Battle of the Books students receive two free tickets to the event, which includes the Battle and Tui Sutherland on stage.

Tickets cost $5 for students, $10 for educators, and $15 for general admission. Buy Tickets Now!